SKYMEN Digital Ultrasonic bath 800 Baskets Jewelry Watches denture 0.8L 35W 40kHz Ultrasound Cleaner Coins Nail cleaner

SKYMEN Digital Ultrasonic bath 800 Baskets Jewelry Watches denture 0.8L 35W 40kHz Ultrasound Cleaner Coins Nail cleaner

SKYMEN Digital Ultrasonic bath 800 Baskets Jewelry Watches denture 0.8L 35W 40kHz Ultrasound Cleaner Coins Nail cleaner

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1. Household application
Daily items clean and kill germs.
2. Glassware and optical instruments
All optical lenses, such as glasses (including contact lenses), magnifying glass, telescope, microscope, camera, etc
3. Jade, jewelry processing industry
In the process of grinding and polishing and so on, a lot of dust dirt will attached to the jade, decorations. And these artifacts are often complicated shape, multislots, more traditional cleaning methods often helpless
4. Watches and precision instruments
Only unload the shell, and the whole in the cleaning tank with corresponding detergents, can achieve the cleaning effect of getting twice the result with half the effort
5. Banks, offices, financial, office supplies, arts and crafts, advertising
Such as Printers, sprinkler pens, brushes, sprays,
6. Industry Communication equipment, electrical maintenance
Cell phones, walkie-talkie, walkman and other electrical appliances of precise circuit boards, spare parts
7. Medical institutions, colleges and universities
All kinds of medical apparatus and instruments such as surgical instruments, dental teeth, dental wax, sight glasses, laboratory experiments of beaker test tube cleaning, etc
  • Ensure the power supply s in rated range before power cable is connexted.Rfitting is strictly prohibited! Attention that the control panel will be eroded by organic solution,strong acd and strong alkali.
  • Eusure the earth wiring is well connected before starting.
  • Ensure the power key or knob is on the \'OFF\' place before staring.
  • Do ot operate if the tank is empty,or ultrasonic generator will be damaged,if heating is needed, the water level shouldn\'t be less than 2/3.
  • Please close the lid to reduce noise and pay attention to water and steam in case of burning skin while open the lid.
  • Do not relocate the machine when fluid in the tank in case of overflow.
  • Suggest using water-soluble liquid for SKYMEN bentchtop ultrasonic cleaners.Strong acid or flammability cleaner is forbidden.
  • Do not use the machine in severe environment:
  1. The place where temperature changes fiercely
  2. The place where humidity is too high and is easy to produce dew
  3. The place where vibration or impact is strong
  4. The place where water,oil or chemicals splash
  5. The place where exists corrosive gas or dust
  6. The place where is filled with explosive and flammable gas
Normally, item(s) will be shipped from the best available warehouse within 24 hours after payment cleared (excludes weekends and holidays).
Please check the parcel face with carriers, if you receive the products with some problems, Please contact us first , provide photo or video for the problem, we will try to our best to solve problem.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, let us know, we will promptly offer replacement or refund.
1. We offer 1 year warranty, any replacement parts (non-man-made damage) will be provided without charge.
2. Technical support will still be available beyond warranty time.
1. Import duties, taxes and charges (if any) are buyer’s responsibility, not included in the price or shipping charge.
2. PO Box address cannot be delivered by commercial express, please leave your residential address before placing order.
3. Please add normal water into the tank before using, if you wanna better clean we advise to ass special chemical liquid when you using.
4. All models will make the "zizizi" noise during cleaning , the noise is normal.
5. Please choose the right voltage type and plug accoring to your country, we will not responsible for the problem caused by this. We provide four plug with Voltage:  220V-EU plug, 220V-UK plug,220V-AU plug,110V-US plug
6. We have stock in DE/US/RU warehouse, ship out within 24 hours(excludes weekends and holidays)

7. We sale ultrasonic cleaner with capacity of 0.6L-30L directly on Aliexpress,if you need big capacity, please contact use to get quote,dealers and wholesalers are welcome.


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