Free shipping!! 2017 Macerator pump in bathroom for toilet

Free shipping!! 2017 Macerator pump in bathroom for toilet

Free shipping!! 2017 Macerator pump in bathroom for toilet

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Free shipping!! 2016 Macerator pump in bathroom for toilet
Install a bathroom anywhere without any construction!



If you want, we will invite you come to our factory for look around and check. The container order is very competitive in the market!


TECHNICAL DATES:                                                           


Application 1 WC + Washbasin+ Shower

Maximum Vertical Pumping 6.5 m

maximum Horizontal Pumping 70 m

Normal Power Rating 400 W

Input Voltage AC 220-240V, 50HZ

Qmax 80 I/min

Max. Liquid temperature 35 °C

Max. Ambient temperature 39°C

Noise Level 39dBA

Degree of protection IP44

Net Weight 4,8 KG





It’s only 13 cm deep and the smallest macerator of the world. It’s make low noise and it’s the number one of all macerators. We are the one and only factory in this world that produces this exclusive item of the highs’ standard. We main receive the container order, the price of the container order is very competitive in any market! 



Item details and factory show:                                           


1. This is diagrammatic sketch.

sewage pump1



2. This is the producton line, the workers are produce them carefully.


macerator toilet


3. They are warehouse for spare parts and the end products.

macerator pump


4. This is inspection room. The products will be checked one by one in this place.

macerator factorymacerator factory


5. This is the macerator motor show. It\'s very strong!



6. This is the end products for one of our customers.



7. This is product show. You can see it from different sides.







8. This is test water pool. Before shippment, the motor will be inspected in the water.




9. The workers are assembling the products, and check before shipment.

production line


10. They are the spare parts and the carton for the macerator pump, you can see how to package them. It\'s very strong for the transport.




sewerage pump.jpg


At last, If you want, we will invite you come to our factory for look around and check. The container order is very competitive in the market!








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