500Pcs/lot 3MM LED Diode Kit Mixed Color Red Green Yellow Blue White

500Pcs/lot 3MM LED Diode Kit Mixed Color Red Green Yellow Blue White

500Pcs/lot 3MM LED Diode Kit Mixed Color Red Green Yellow Blue White

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Resistor Kit Assorted Kit

0603 Resistor


0805 Resistor


1206 Resistor


1/4W Resistor


RM065 Variable


RM063 Variable


2512 Resistor



3296W Variable

Capacitor Kit Assorted Kit

0603 capacitor

0805 capacitor

1206 capacitor

ceramic capacitor

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor 

Correction capacitor

Tantalum capacitor
LED Kit Assorted Kit

0603 LED

0805 LED

1206 LED






Diode Kit Assorted Kit

Diode kit

1/2W Diode

1W Diode

LL34 Diode

LL41 Diode

SOT-23 Diode

SMT Diode

SOD-123 Diode
Fuse Kit Assorted Kit Transistor Kit Assorted Kit Crystal Oscillator kit Inductor Assorted Kit

mini fuse


5*20 fuse


6*30 fuse


TO-92 transistor



TO220 transistor


sot-23 transistor


crystal oscillator 




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Working current: 20 (mA)

Working voltage:

Red: 1.9V-2.1V
Yellow: 1.9V-2.1V
Green: 2.1V-3.0V


Yellow: 300-400

Green: 400-500

Wave length:

Red: 620-625
Yellow: 588-590
Green: 567-570

 White:Color temperature 8000



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