2017 customized high gloss red lacquer kitchen cabinets L1603004

2017 customized high gloss red lacquer kitchen cabinets L1603004

2017 customized high gloss red lacquer kitchen cabinets L1603004

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As customize kitchen cabinet,the unit price is only for carcase,please contact with us to get free design drawing and the best price.


the transport cost online is too expensive,please do not process your order directly on the



how to order your kitchen cabinet----------------------------------------------------------------airsto kitchens---------

--step 1--please supply the detail kitchen layout or detail dimensions including the detail sizes of pillar,post,door and windows.

--step 2--choose the materials of carcase and door you need,the color of door and let us know your good ideas.

--step 3--let us know the specification of your appliances such as fridge,dishwasher,stove,gas range,oven and so on.
--step 4--our designer will make the design for you for free and make the detail quoatation.
--step 5--If there are no problem,please arrange the deposit and we will process your oder.

at airsto kitchen we can offer you-----------------------------------------------------------------airsto kitchens---------

--design & consultation service
--efficient advise on use of space
--latest in Stylish European,USA,Canada and Australian Design
--quality materials and workmanship
--reliability and on time delivery
--over 10 years experience


specification of products------------------------------------------------------------------------------airst0 kitchens-------

1. Carcase: 18mm chipboard,damp proof board and 18mm plywood.

2. base material of door:MDF or solid wood 

3. countertop: ggranite,quartz stone and so on

4. door finish: high gloss lacquer,PVC membrance,2pac,melamine and solid wood
5. fittings Include: 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, 304 stainless steel kitchen faucets,hinges, sliders, handles,legs,PVC kickerboard and top Moudling. decorative panels and other necessary hardwares. other electrical equipments can be optional.
6. service: Free design and custom-made.
7. weight and sizes depend on customizable cabinets; usually it weighs more than 500KG.
payment terms -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------airst0 kitchens------
1. Payment: we accept T/T or Western Union as payment.
2. Payment terms: 50% of the total payment paid in advance as deposit before producing, balance   shall be paid for in 5 days before delivery.


our factory--airsto kitchens LTD





ribbon handless handle
assemble workshop


18mm plywood carcase


B18,B20 and B21 cabinet


American red wood kitchen cabient 




Built-in oven,microwave and stove




high gloss white lacquer door/2pac door




20mm thickness solid wood door


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